Kendra Scott

In 2002 with just $500 Kendra Scott launched a mini jewelry collection. Today Kendra Scott Jewelry is a global multimillion-dollar brand sold at renowned retailers like Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Bloomingdales and over a thousand specialty boutiques worldwide. Austin remains home to Kendra Scott’s flagship store and design studio headquarters where each Kendra Scott piece is meticulously designed. Kendra Scott has become a household fashion name to women around the world. Celebrities also love Kendra’s unique bold designs and Hollywood a-listers like Sofia Vergara Eva Longoria Hilary Duff and Brooklyn Decker have been spotted donning Kendra Scott's jewelry. As the Kendra Scott brand continues to expand Kendra remains committed to the company’s founding philosophies “Family Fashion & Philanthropy” which have helped direct its course. As a mother and business woman Kendra’s “family first” mantra continues to be a core value for Kendra and her company. Philanthropy is also a driving force for this fashion-forward and savvy entrepreneur.