The first Albion store was a tiny but cozy little shop, and was just next door to where the husband-wife duo met in college.  They started Albion with zero experience in retail, but Dave was a graphic designer, and Liz’s family’s business was in the sewing industry.  When the couple’s plan A, B, (and maybe even C?) didn’t work out, it seemed like this was their chance, and they had to take it.  They knew they could design a swimsuit that made women feel confident and beautiful, that was timeless, and built to last; a suit that let them have fun while looking their best.  They had the vision, they just needed a game plan, and a team. Liz and Dave Findlay not only found a team, but they built a family of talented, adventurous, absolutely great souls who have grown this business to new heights seemingly overnight: They ship swimsuits and so much more, all over the world, every single day.  And yet Albion is about so much more than swimsuits.  It’s about building a community of women who believe they deserve to look good, feel good, and be their best selves always, whether they are in an office, or at home, or on a beach.  Thanks for being a part of their journey