National Hair Loss

Carly Klein is a game-changer in the image industry and has been working with the most elite companies for the last 13 years. Carly spent 8 of those years working as the Vice President of a prestigious dermatology office specializing in hair loss treatments in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2009 Carly developed a passion helping female hair loss patients and cancer patients with their hair regrowth following treatment and shortly after founded National Hair Loss.

Carly believes it is her mission to be able to provide support, education, and treatment to patients, their families, and industry professionals as they journey down the road of renewed health. Carly now works with oncologists and medical physicians implementing hair restoration treatments in Arizona, Miami, Chicago and New York. The customized hair recovery programs are helping genetic patients stop their hair loss and cancer patients achieve hair regrowth at a faster rate. Additionally, Carly is involved with her community by serving on Advisory Boards for well-known Arizona organizations such as Women of Scottsdale, Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), and Arizona’s American Cancer Society’s Annual Gala.