Seasonal Menu

At MIXT, we change our menu seasonally. We identify the best ingredients that each season has to offer and integrate them into our menu. We source most of them locally to ensure we serve the highest quality ingredients available while minimizing our environmental impact. It keeps our menu fresh and full of surprises!

This year we have two seasonal fan-favorites returning to our menu for the Spring season: the Elote and the Peachy.


Elote Picnic Salad from MIXT

Inspired by the traditional Mexican street food, the Elote bears a wealth of powerful flavors: from spicy tajin to sweet grilled corn and a refreshing lime crema dressing. Ingredients: Butter lettuce, cabbage, grilled chicken, grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, cotija cheese, avocado, pumpkin seeds, jicama, tajin, scallions, lime crema dressing


Peachy Picnic Seasonal Salad 2022

A sweet summer treat, the Peachy boasts the ripe peaches of the season, balanced with perfectly crispy chicken and a tangy sriracha ranch dressing. Ingredients: Mixt greens, crispy chicken, grilled corn, peaches, cornbread crumble, pickled red onions, carrots, sriracha ranch dressing, maple bbq drizzle