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Sales Associate

Jobs Description

This is not a typical retail position because we are not a typical company. Here you’ll find that we want someone who is personable, self-motivated and 110% committed to the success of their store and the brand as a whole.

At Marine Layer we take our jobs seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We need people that know when to have fun and when to work hard. We are looking for someone who is really excited about our brand, connects with our product and our customer. We need our Sales Associates to have great customer service. 

Areas of Responsibility

Customer Experience: ”Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Marine Layer”. We want you to have fun connecting with people; chatting people up and getting to know them. Smile, offer help and wow them with your product knowledge.

Visual and Business Operations: ”Bring your A-game.” We’ll teach you the ins and outs of what makes us tick which includes: POS skills, LP training and back/front-of-house standards. Bring a sense of urgency and a desire to learn all. Ask a bunch of questions...just don’t ask what our favorite show is...which is Bachlorette..obvi.

Team Player: ”Teamwork makes the dream work.” Cliche but oh so true. We’re all multi-taskers, jumping into the fray to help our customers, restock product or to take out the trash. It’s nice to know your team has your back. Share and utilize your skills with one another to help make your store and our brand the best it can be.

Education / Experience Requirements

An Authentic Brand Advocate. You should know Marine Layer, believe in what we are doing, and be able to represent us in an authentic way, both in-person and in writing.  There’s no substitute experience-wise for having this genuine connection.

A Strong Interest in Apparel. Do you wear clothes? Good. That is a start, and truth be told, in these days of zoom you probably only need to be dressed from the waist up. That said, our brand will benefit from someone who truly enjoys fashion and clothing as a form of expression.

Desire to work in a startā€up (ish) environment. A lot of people say they want to work at a start-up; not as many people really know what that means. Here it means we all work very hard, we believe deeply in the future of this company, and we all do a lotta bit of everything.

Culture Fit. This is a close-knit group that gets along extremely well. We all work hard, but manage to have a lot of fun along the way. We're all working towards the same goal of making Marine Layer something special and if you are on board for that, you'll fit in really well.

How to Apply

Call and schedule and interview at (480) 448-0279 

For more information visit