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Founded in 2013 by Mike and Alex Faherty and Kerry Docherty, Faherty is a family-run lifestyle and apparel brand fueled by purpose and optimism. Our goal: to build a new American legacy by creating high-quality, sustainably-minded, feel-good favorites that will bring you joy to wear.

We feel a deep responsibility to do things differently: to promise comfort without compromising quality. To hold ourselves to a higher standard with a lower environmental impact. To leave the world a better place than we found it.

We recognize the impact the fashion industry has on the world, and we’re dedicated to learning how to be better stewards of the planet. We believe the power of conversation and connection can make real change, and we’re committed to supporting people and organizations doing work that we believe in.

Our passionate leadership team comes from different backgrounds, but share a singular goal: to deliver on our promise of comfort and craftsmanship. To work side-by-side in a collaborative, energetic, and creative environment every day, like the family we are.

We welcome everyone — and we mean everyone. We believe a diversity of viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds only serve to make our team stronger, which is why we strongly encourage those from historically and systemically marginalized communities to apply: BIPOC, women, and people in the LGBTQIA+ community, to name a few. We strive to lead consciously, bravely, and inclusively — and to reflect those values in our work. We live by six key pillars:


Be The Best

Stay Authentic

Better Together

Spread Good Vibes

Deliver On Promises

Lead Consciously, Bravely and Inclusively


Remain compassionate. Stay focused. Seek joy. Let’s make the world a better place.

Areas of Responsibility

  • You are a natural host of the party. You have an insatiable desire to engage with others and nurture relationships.
  • You were a born leader. You bring others together and strive to build dynamic, engaging, and fun teams.
  • You make mistakes (we all do!). You acknowledge your errors, learn from them, and move forward with your newfound wisdom. 
  • You do not shy away from hard work. You know how to be resourceful and are not afraid to get your hands dirty. 
  • You have an inquisitive mind. You are comfortable asking the uncomfortable questions and are not satisfied with the status quo. 
  • You spread good vibes. You know how to cut loose (while still keeping it together) and embrace all our brand values. 
  • You respond to problems with solutions. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, generate ideas to evolve the business, and thrive in the grey space.
  • You know when to act and when to partner. You leverage your peers and leaders to make effective and informed decisions.
  • You have a closet Type-A personality. You keep a smile on your face and pep in your step while crushing your mental to-do list.

Education / Experience Requirements

  • Multiple years leadership experience in a similar scope; hi-growth direct to consumer retail brands preferred. Interchangeable with proven record of effectiveness and high performance in an internal role for a minimum of 6 months’ time.
  • Omnichannel awareness and the ability to assist in leading a team to provide a seamless customer experience between retail stores and ecommerce platforms.
  • Adept with technology and apps, including but not limited to Google Suites and MS office, and familiar with industry-related blogs and feeds.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate across a multitude of channels.
  • Demonstrated ability to assist a leadership team with coaching and development.
  • Proven track record of personal success within a retail business; success is reflective in consistently outpacing individual and team sales and performance goals.
  • Passionate about contributing to brand with purpose and demonstrating advocacy through business