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"Remember our Earth, Remember our people"

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Scottsdale Quarter partnered with an up-and-coming local Navajo artist who produced these fantastic pieces during a live painting at The Quarter. The artist, Piersten Doctor, was passionate about highlighting a serious epidemic plaguing our Indigenous communities, so he chose to paint a Yei bi Chei, one of the Navajo deities, shown dancing and praying for the missing, murdered Indigenous women and children around the world. The second piece, painted by Doctor's girlfriend, Cora Quiroz, features a red handprint across the mouth of a woman, a symbolic representation of the violence that affects Indigenous women across the United States and beyond. These pieces are on display at Scottsdale Quarter for the rest of November.


Piersten Doctor

"Pushing my dynamic style through perspective poses that show powerful movements and gesture; As a Dine artist, I'm portraying and understanding my indigenous stories and hope to pass them on to my future kin, and hope they feel something when looking upon them. I hope to keep pushing my pieces by questioning what's been done and what I can paint by respectfully painting within what we keep sacred and what we may share. My name is Piersten Doctor and I'm born and raised here in Arizona. My favorite mediums is oil paint as I like to do fine art pieces as well as thick paintings with pallet knifes. I love mixing oil pastel with oil paint as it's something that excites my passion as each new piece is created. I hope to learn and do more murals as I'm still a novice with spray paint but very happy to be learning from my community of artist and mentors Jose Andres Giron and Roman P. Reyes at the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural center."

Cora Quiroz

"Hello, my name is Cora, and I'm an artist from the Greater Detroit, Michigan area. There, I studied my associates in Graphic Design, I moved to Phoenix to finish my Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. I love painting with all mediums, my favorites being oil and watercolor. My artwork generally features strong feminist figures I feel everyone can admire, as well as women from different ethnic backgrounds. I worked as a muralist assistant for 3 years before I moved to Arizona, for a Detroit artist known as Phybr. We traveled to paint murals, and for the last year, I have been working on my own murals. You can find my murals and paintings on my Instagram @oni.cora."