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Native American Heritage Month

Join us in observing Native American Heritage Month throughout November. We encourage our community members to take the time to learn about the importance of Native American history and how we can protect their vibrant culture today.

Throughout this month, we'll be sharing resources that the Heard Museum team has shared to encourage engagement with American Indian art and culture. 

Activities for Children

Kiowa Paper Doll 
Transitional Textile Postcards
Apache Basket
Navajo Hogan
Pima Basketry Dancing People 
Zuni Bracelet

Collage Art

Larger Than Memory Family Guide

Explore artworks by five artists in the Larger Than Memory exhibition through this fun and educational Family Guide. Each section is based on one artist in the exhibition and includes thoughtful questions and a hands-on activity. A helpful chart organizes activities to correspond to Arizona State Standards for suggested grade levels. Download the complete guide or download sections based on your interest.

Download the Guide


Artist Workshops

Hoop Dancing-Tony Duncan