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Women-Owned Businesses at The Quarter

In honor of Women's Equality Day on Wednesday, August 26th, we are celebrating our women-owned businesses here at Scottsdale Quarter. See a list of our women-owned businesses and their stories below!


Albion is a local, family owned company owned by Liz Findlay, and her husband, Dave. Their store name hails from the Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in beautiful Utah. Liz draws upon nature and its energy for our inspiration, always remembering that our ultimate goal is to reflect the power of natural femininity in their designs, as well as their lifestyle.

Albion's garments are fashionable and unique, but more importantly practical and technical. Designed by women, their apparel is crafted for women wherever they may be in their fitness goals. Their clothes easily transition from work out gear to lounging gear: whether she's running an errand or 26.2 miles across a finish line.

Liz is are also committed to the environment and the community by continually striving to make our manufacturing facility greener each day by recycling plant waste and by using earth friendly materials in our products. They follow fair labor practices with all of their employees and business partners to create a sustainable work environment.

They guarantee absolute satisfaction on every article we sell. Albion uses, and will continue to use, only the best in high performance fabrics and trims and will build upon our 25 years worth of expertise as manufacturers to ensure the highest of quality standards on all of their garments.

Angela Chittenden

Beach Bunny Swimwear launched in 2004 by Angela Chittenden and is known for its ultra-feminine unique bikini styles and resort wear . Beach Bunny designs for the summer-obsessed and swimwear lovers everywhere with the intent to make every woman feel perfect in her bikini. Beach Bunny uses luxurious custom-hardware to create one of kind bikinis. With all women in mind, Beach Bunny offers top fits from tiny triangles to push-ups and bottoms ranging from a micro tango to full coverage. Summer season never has been so glamorous. Beach Bunny expanded into apparel, lounge and active giving our Beach Bunny Babe options for her daily wardrobe and of course her travel essentials. Beach Bunny can be found in our Beach Bunny Boutiques in Southern California, Scottsdale Arizona, Las Vegas, South Beach, and Dubai in addition, to retail stores throughout the world. 

LaurieGuidi SalinaJones

Candle Chemistry started as a dream of owning our own (unique to AZ and experiential) business for MANY YEARS! Finally, last year – it became reality! Candle Chemistry was born last March (2019).  Our children inspire us everyday – family is the heart of Candle Chemistry!


From the moment Geri Damone and her daughter Chrissy Cunningham opened Cheeky Chic Baby & Kids Boutique in the summer of 2014, they were focused on bringing a taste of New York to their new home in Scottsdale, AZ. Looking to outfit Cunningham’s new chubby-cheeked son (the inspiration behind the store’s name), the mother-daughter duo was at a loss for trendy boutique shopping like what they were used to in the Big Apple. “There were very few boutiques for kids around Scottsdale,” Damone says. “So we decided to open our own similar to where I would bring Chrissy in Brooklyn and Manhattan when she was little.”


Amy Ross knows a thing about great hair! She is the Arizona Franchise Owner for Drybar. Her first location was in 2011 and now she has grown the market to five locations throughout the Valley. She has three locations in Scottsdale, one in Phoenix, and one in Gilbert. Amy lives by the number one core value at Drybar, "It's the experience." She feels this way with every client as well as her 150 employees.

Amy has always loved beauty! Prior to Drybar, Amy was an Executive with a major cosmetic company for 15 years. However it was on trip to Los Angeles where Amy discovered Drybar and she knew she had to get involved!

Amy is pretty much a native, moving to Arizona in middle school. Amy spent several adult years in California before returning to Arizona in 2005. Amy currently lives in Scottsdale with her husband, son, and dogs.


Lisa Garber, born and raised in New York, is the owner and designer of Galicia Fine Jewelers, creating gorgeous and elegant trinkets oozing with style and confidence. With a variety of diamond cuts, Garber has created unique engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings and more. She describes her designs as an evocation of feminine beauty and strength, created to empower the women who wear it, allowing them to express their unique tastes and personalities. Garber, who is a Gemological Institute of America certified gemologist, takes pride in her impeccable attention to detail, using the finest materials and latest expert techniques. Located at Scottsdale Quarter, Galicia Fine Jewelers also offers custom designs and repairs. 


Founded in Laguna Beach over 15 years ago, gorjana offers jewelry that you'll live in, love always and layer every day. In 2004, Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel followed an impulse and launched an eponymous, quintessentially Californian jewelry line.

The driven and passionate duo combined their individual strengths to build the company from the ground up. They hit the road with samples in tow and drove a collective 50,000 miles to sell the first collection. Initial orders were fulfilled from their apartment floor and they worked the trade show circuit as a team of two.

With their relentless hard work came success--the company has grown from an idea into a full-fledged, multi-million dollar business, still owned and operated by the couple. 15 years later. gorjana jewelry can be found in over 1,000 retailers nationwide, not including the brand’s own retail locations.

Gorjana is constantly inspired by the natural landscape of Laguna; the brand ’s aesthetic and style reflects the effortless beauty of Southern California ’s coastline.


As a creative mind with a love of natural gemstones, Kendra designed her first collection of jewelry in 2002. The foundation of Kendra’s success has been her infectious energy and entrepreneurial spirit, which took her from a $500 project in the spare bedroom of her home to a billion dollar fashion brand loved globally.
Since she began her company, Kendra has lived by three core values: Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. She created a brand and culture that authentically values giving back and making a positive difference in the community. The Kendra Scott company maintains a focus on its customers and the causes close to their hearts, abiding by the mantra, “What Matters to You, Matters to Us.”

lash lounge

Pamela Percy is the owner of The Lash Lounge Scottsdale Quarter.  At the salon, they provide premium lash and brow services (extensions, lifts, tints, microblading) to help women effortlessly face the world with confidence! The store has been open for 1.5 years. Pamela got started with this business after working 25+ years as an executive in the Semiconductor Industry. She's passionate about empowering women to follow their dreams wherever they lead! Women face tremendous challenges every day, they balance being moms, employees, bosses, teachers, and wives. "We need to help our sisters climb their mountain!  When women support each other, incredible things happen!!"


Carly Klein, President of National Hair Loss, founded hair loss recovery programs in 2009 after her role as Vice President of a Dermatology group in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over a decade working with hair loss clients, Carly knew she wanted to do something bigger and add layers to all aspects of hair. She created a variety of programs catering to men, women, and children. National Hair Loss was established off of Carly's passion to help others renew and restore their confidence, as well as to grow Cancer programs to increase funding to specific charities and bring community awareness. "I am inspired by lifting women up not only within my company, but with anyone who we have the pleasure to work with on their hair loss journey." Carly and her team see more women than any other hair loss facility on the West coast, and take pride in their education and compassion-based approach to treatment. The company also implements Telemedicine to ensure that we can work with patients all over the world. 

"When someone deals with hair loss, it can take an immense emotional toll on them. My passion and inspiration stems from helping give people their self confidence back, making them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin."


From the beginning, PAIGE's Co-Founder & Creative Director, Paige Adams-Geller, embraced change, aiming to inspire as her story evolved. Her journey began in Los Angeles, where her entrepreneurial spirit took her from working as one of the top fit models in the industry to launching her namesake collection in 2004. In late 2006, Adams-Geller launched a men’s line with the same commitment to quality and attention to detail. With the help of her leadership and vision, what started as a women’s denim brand quickly expanded into a full lifestyle collection for men and women, sold at premium retailers internationally.

Today, she sits at the helm of PAIGE continuing to lead with her commitment to cutting edge design and passion for creating pieces that you will live in.

Adams-Geller’s true passion in life is inspiring and empowering others. She is a dedicated board member of the Rape Foundation, a trained volunteer at the Stuart House and a proud supporter of many other charitable organizations including NEDA and the Advot Project.


"Our tag line is 'Where Sweet Meets Street,' and that’s truly who we are!" Susie Diamond believes that a woman’s style should be able to completely change based on her mood. Some days women feel sweet and Jackie O-ish, and other days they want to represent more of a street style to match our Boss Vibes. Rolling Rack represents EVERY woman- and Susie is proud to have curated and designed a collection that inspires other woman, makes them laugh, cry, smile and feel empowered. "I’m inspired by all of the other woman I meet who share with me their stories, and who fight every day for their dreams, just like I have. It’s because of the strength from these other women that I’ve been able to grow as quickly as I have." Let’s keep inspiring and uplifting one another!


Leticia Davis is the proud owner of Travel Outfitters.  Born and raised in Mexico City, Leticia moved to the beautiful United States of America in 1994. She's been in the Luggage Industry for over 20 years, on the wholesale side. "In 2009, I decided to enter the “retail world” with what I know the best... Luggage!" Her inspiration has always been helping people, it truly is her biggest passion! Travel is something she knows that all humans love!  "I get really inspired when our customers come back from their trips to share their fun travel stories, and how much they appreciated our help/assistance, in guiding them with their luggage and travel accessories needs." Traveling comfortably, with great quality products, is a MUST.  At Travel Outfitters, they are experts in guiding customers to selecting that piece of luggage that will best fit their needs.
"We always say, 'Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Trip!'. Our goal is for Travel Outfitters to be a part of that Journey."